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Banking and Financial Services

We represent large banks and financial institutions in a wide variety of financing transactions in domestic and international markets known for its particular dedication to trade finance, acquisition finance, asset finance, structured finance, investment banking, syndicated loans, Islamic finance, real estate finance, leveraged finance, project finance and retail finance. Banking and finance is an area that keeps evolving in line with the emerging needs of businesses. It requires both the banking and finance community and legal professionals to be creative and flexible in order to meet the developments in financial instruments. We use our banking and finance expertise coupled with flexibility and creativity in order to structure banking and finance transactions that will best suit the needs of our clients.

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Energy is becoming a scarce commodity making structuring of energy projects highly significant for both providers and users. In line with the global trends, the Turkish state has also been withdrawing from the provision of energy services, leaving the construction and operation of power plants to the realm of the private sector. As a result of this shift, we not only provide assistance to our clients with respect to construction, licensing and regulatory compliance of hydro, wind, solar, thermal and nuclear power plants as well as distribution of natural gas but also carry out transactions from privatization to mergers and acquisitions.

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Healthcare is one of the primary services that have traditionally been provided by the state in Turkey. However, with the amendments in the Social Security Regime in Turkey, provision of health services has become more attractive to the private sector, especially to private equities and hedge funds. Our previous experience includes acquisition of major hospitals in Turkey and advising in relation to the new Social Security Regime, which allows us to assist our clients in addressing the obstacles in healthcare transactions and finding the most viable solutions to any constraints that may come forward.

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Insurance is a regulated sector with an appetite for growth in Turkey through introduction of new insurance products in line with the global insurance markets. We advise insurance brokerage companies, agents and banks in relation to all insurance related matters including but not limited to establishment of insurance companies, brokerage firms and agencies, licensing process, regulatory compliance and realization of international transactions such as merger and acquisition deals and joint ventures involving insurance companies.

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Private Equity and Investment Funds

Private Equity and Investment Funds are indeed major players in capital markets and mergers and acquisitions. With the legislative developments and facilitation of investments in regulated sectors, Turkey has become an attractive environment for multinational investments. We assume the role of satisfying the specific needs of our clients through provision of accurate and strategic advice from the very first stage of investments with a view to accommodate the successful realization of investments. Our expertise includes all matters related to private equity and investment funds from mergers and acquisitions to formation of funds, licensing and regulatory compliance.

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Real Estate and Construction

In line with the global trends, the Turkish real estate market has also become complex, requiring specific expertise in shaping projects and financing structures. We have advised both domestic and multinational clients in many real estate development projects involving residential and commercial complexes and shopping malls. Our experience covers structuring of real estate projects, financing of the same, advising on construction and real estate management agreements, leasing, formation of real estate development companies and investment partnerships, and regulatory matters such as obtainment of construction and zoning permits.

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Technology, Media and Telecommunications (TMT)

Technology and media have proved to be very attractive for both domestic and international investors as Turkey has witnessed a large number of deals in both sectors for the last few years. Media, being a regulated sector, tends to expose investors to regulatory restrictions requiring legal practitioners to structure transactions that will both facilitate successful investments and ensure regulatory compliance. Also due to the shift of telecommunications services from the realm of the state to that of the private sector, telecoms has become a valuable market for multinational investors as well. Such shift has indeed resulted in the privatization of Turk Telekom, the state-owned telecoms company in Turkey as well as the emergence of new service providers. Our expertise arises from our participation in many of the major TMT deals that have taken place in Turkey; and we render assistance to our clients with respect privatization, mergers and acquisitions, tenders by the Savings Deposit Insurance Fund, anti-trust filings and financing in TMT, as well as providing regular advice on regulatory compliance issues.

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